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Love INC


NON-PROFIT Organizations

About Us

Love INC exists to 'help churches help people to transform lives'. This mission is accomplished by working with our partner churches to offer our Neighbors in Need a hand up to get them out of the jam they find themselves in...not just for today, but for the future. After we verify the particular need or issue, we engage our partner churches and agencies to not only solve the immediate need but help with financial counseling, life coaching. job placement if unemployed or underemployed, and help assimilate them with a church to establish a family foundation to support them along life's journey. People too often get caught in a rut of going from church to church and agency to agency each month to meet their needs. As a central clearinghouse, we can more effectively impact lives by helping coordinate the care and recovery as a sustainable action plan is developed and followed.

There are three ways to support Love INC: prayer, service, and financial support. Assistance in any - or all - areas is greatly appreciated.